Why use SocialSee?

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  • Save Time

The average SocialSee user will save 6-10 hours a week, engaging, measuring and reporting from one intuitive, effective dashboard.

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  • Grow Your Revenue

SocialSee shows you where the revenue and value are in social media, so you can pursue what’s working and ditch what isn’t.

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  • Improve Your Business

SocialSee does what no other technology does: it shows you what posts are actually making money and driving engagement.

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  • Focus on Metrics that Matter

SocialSee focuses more on financial outcomes (like revenue) than non-financial ones (like Twitter followers).

Don't take our word for it

  • “I always knew social media was powerful, but I could never actually ‘see’ the return on our investment until using SocialSee. It’s like the fog has lifted—and we’re able to drive clearer, better results from our social media engagement.” - Rodney Cegelski, Executive Vice President, Slime
  • "Social media is now the #1 online activity — and the #1 discussion in social media is about ROI. SocialSee is the first product to start to answer the question of social media ROI, in a clear and definitive way.” - Martin Eriksson, Nielsen
  • “Amazing technology! We are using SocialSee to see where we should focus our energy and efforts for the biggest payoff. It's so simple to use, and so insightful, it's almost an addiction. ” - Akilah Monifa, CBS News
  • "I could never really tell, definitively, how much social media was impacting our bottom line. We have waited for a long, long time for a product like this." - Christopher Mills, FrontPoint Partners